Her dream

In her dream, she stood on a far hilltop overlooking a huge city.

A metropolis with the tallest buildings she could ever imagine, sprawling its tendrils as far as the eye could see. These towering structures, we call them skyscrapers now, could have numbered in the thousands, she could not tell.

As in all dreams, some events seem to happen in slow motion. A multitude of huge flying warships appeared in the sky above the city. And then she saw the attack.

Emily witnessed the explosions and the breath-taking contempt for innocent lives orchestrated by the brutal attackers. She wept. In her dream Emily was sobbing and crying out for those killed in the attack. And suddenly, Emily felt like she was being watched, like eyes far off could see her and were gloating at her terror.

A lone gunship arose directly in front of her. Paralyzed by fear she could not move. And then, as if by magic, a man stood in front of her. He was addressing her directly.

He knew her?

Who was he?

Was he going to kill me?

Find out what happens to her in Eddie & Emily And The Demon Cell

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