Our Story Begins In The Most Unlikely Of Places, At The Most Unlikely Of Times In History With Probably The Most Unlikely And Surprising Characters You Could Imagine. What’s More, This Story Is Quite Unlike Any Traditional Fables. Our Hero Seems To Be The Most Questionable And Least Motivated Of Characters And Our Maiden Is Equally Unexpected, As She Seems To Be Entirely Normal For Her Age. Our Hero Is A Timid, Reclusive Boy; Our Maiden Is A Strong-Willed, Often Flawed Schoolgirl. Our Hero Hides A Terrible Secret, Both Powerful And Terrifying. Our Maiden Thinks Supernatural Powers Belong In Fairytales And Has Never Known Terrible Secrets. He Is Confused About His True Purpose. She Is Eager To Learn Hers. Still, They Are Destined To Overcome The Odds Together And In The Most Startling Way Imaginable, And, As In Most Fables, Our Heroes Have No Idea Of The Danger That Lies In Their Immediate Future. What Could Possibly Be Worse?

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About The Author

Brian Lewis Is An Unknown Writer Of Fiction Novels. Living A Very Private Life, Far Away From The Hustle And Bustle Of The Big Cities And Great Powers That Shape The World We Live In. Brian Does Not Care For These But Prefers The Simple Things In Life. He Is A Proud Dad And A Happy Husband. Most Importantly A Grateful Man To Be Able To Give Something Back. Brian Lives In Canterbury, New Zealand, Where Pretty Soon The Rest Of The World Will Realize Is The Best Place To Be.

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